Chapter 78 (2024.01.15)
4 min readJan 16, 2024

As usual, the past week was hectic, and we have another busy week ahead. Let’s dive straight in. Updates

DELIST YOUR GUTES: On Saturday the 19th, we’re doing the Bible snapshot for the airdrop on the 20th, so please remember to delist your Gutes. Don’t miss out on the $BOOK airdrop.

Still don’t have a Gutenberg? Get one here.

Last Week’s Mints: We continued the Monday Meditations series last week and debuted a variety of new titles.

  • Last Monday, we minted A Treatise of Human Nature, the third book in our new series, Monday Meditations.
  • If you missed out, you can get pick one up on
  • Our bookstore always has the series details.
  • Tuesday, we minted Serial Killer Trivia on Cardano and answered the question, “What was John Wayne Gacy’s last meal?” It’s so weirdly creepy and intriguing.
  • Wednesday, we minted Gold by Steven Savile. Get one before they sell out
  • Thursday, we minted The Surprising Adventures of Baron Munchausen as part of the Misfits Series, which sold out on Cardano and Polygon. There are still a few available on Ethereum.
  • Cardano
  • Polygon
  • Ethereum
  • Friday, we airdropped Brave New World to everyone who participated in the ITO. This is definitely a book you need to read if you haven’t yet.

Minting This Week:

  • Today, we minted the fourth book in the Monday Meditations series, Tao Te Ching.
  • The mint was incredibly fast. If you missed it, you can get a book here.
  • Tuesday, we’re minting The Voyage Out by Virginia Woolf on Cardano. This is a lower-priced mint with a higher volume, but it still has an amazing rarity chart. We want to merge reading and collectibility as we continue to scale toward the masses.
  • Con Tickets Launch: Mark your calendars! This Thursday, tickets for our inaugural Con (happening on April 20th in McKinney, TX, just north of Dallas) will be up for grabs. It’s our first-ever conference, and you can bet it will be a game-changer!
  • Mint + Print V1 Update: From the tech side, we’re almost at the finish line with Mint + Print V1. We’re ironing out some final integrations with Ingram and gearing up to announce the official launch date soon. Stay tuned!
  • Credit Card Integration Progress: We’ve been working hard on integrating more credit card providers, making it easier for non-crypto book lovers to join our community. This is a big step towards making accessible to everyone!
  • Audiobook Minting on Multiple Blockchains: The Dev Team is also crafting infrastructure to simplify minting audiobooks across various blockchains. This move is going to revolutionize how we distribute and enjoy audiobooks.
  • Sprout Developments: Our Sprout platform — the process in which we mint books — is undergoing rapid enhancements, streamlining the process so we can mint books faster than ever.
  • Home Alone 6: Josh In New York — Josh and Ben just returned from a whirlwind trip to New York City, filled with productive meetings with top publishers. Josh also had the opportunity to share insights at NYU’s Advanced Publishing Institute, discussing the future of eBooks and Audiobooks.

Minting Tuesday!
The Voyage Out — Minting on Cardano

2024 has started at an exciting pace. It’s gonna be a great year. Thanks for being with us as we build the future of books.

The Team.

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