Chapter 76 (2023.12.26)
3 min readDec 27, 2023

I can hardly believe that it’s the final week of the year. The team remains dedicated, putting in effort and strategizing for the year 2024. Let’s dive into the details and the mints finishing up 2023… Updates

  • To begin with, before delving deeper, the entire team expresses our deepest thanks. Despite the challenges of a challenging 2023 and a bear market affecting most of the crypto industry, we persevered, consistently progressing and enhancing utility. We genuinely value your support for keeping us motivated and focused.
  • Last Tuesday, we took our monthly Gutenberg snapshot and then airdropped a total of 8.33M $BOOK to all of the Gute holders on Wednesday.
  • 22 more airdrops to go. If you haven’t heard this before, GET A GUTE.
  • And yes, we’re giving away another Gute & some $BOOK on X.
  • On Thursday, we minted The Mark of Zorro, which was a quick mint out on three chains.
  • Poly
  • Ethereum
  • Cardano
  • On Friday, we airdropped The Secret Corps as part of the Living Author Series. If you missed it, you can grab one of those rare books here.
  • Because Thursday wasn’t busy enough with just the mints, Josh also jumped on a very successful and fun AMA on Reddit.
  • You can read all the questions and answers here.
  • Special thanks to all of you who participated.
  • Tech persisted in refining and making improvements to Parlamint V2.
  • They added minutes and seconds to the countdown timer before a mint activates.
  • They made some small tweaks and adjustments to the progress bar.
  • Progress on Mint & Print™ remains ongoing. While we’ve teased this frequently in the past, our aim is to launch it in January.
  • The first book will be Frankenstein. If you don’t want to miss an industry first, Fetch A Frank.
  • Progress with mobile app releases is on track. Submitting by mid-January still appears promising. Please remember that our reader, both mobile and web, is a work in progress, and we will continue to make improvements throughout 2024. We want the best reader in the world. You can grab a sneak peek here.
  • Special thanks to the OGBookClub, who recently ended yet another raffle. They raised over $7500 dollars, proving again that the community is the best in crypto.
  • Earlier today, we minted A Zombie’s History of the United States as part of Living Author Series 2.0. If you missed out, you can grab one on secondary.
  • Thursday, we will continue the Banned Series with The Jungle from Upton Sinclair. This will be a triple-chain mint, and we will release all details tomorrow on socials.

Minting Thursday!
The Jungle — Minting on Poly, Eth, and Cardano

Thank you once more for your ongoing support. Make the most of the final week of 2023. We anticipate that 2024 will surpass even the epicness of 2023. Thanks for helping us build the future of books.

Talk to you next year, Team

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