Chapter 75 (2023.12.18)
3 min readDec 19, 2023

Despite the arrival of the holidays, the team has been diligently working. Let’s get into it… Updates

  • Reminder — please remember to delist your Gutenbergs if they are listed for sale so that you can receive your $BOOK drop this month. Still don’t have a Gute? Get one here.
  • Last week’s mints:
  • On Thursday, we minted Oedipus, King of Thebes, as part of the Classics Series. These books were snapped up in no time. If you want one, you’ll need to head to JPG.Store.
  • This week’s mints:
  • This Thursday, The Adventure Series continues with The Mark of Zorro. This mint will be a triple-chain sale. More details to come on socials.
  • Reddit AMA: Josh is doing an AMA on the Cardano subreddit on Thursday, Dec. 21, at 5PM EST. If you’ve ever wanted to ask Josh in-depth questions about optimal beard care or anything else, now’s the time!
  • This is a Subreddit with a massive following of 690,000 members. We’re looking forward to engaging with new faces and OGs alike. Make sure to create a Reddit account if you want to participate.
  • We have announced our first Mint-and-Print title. This will be a historic first not just for but for the publishing industry — Check it out.
  • Also, we are in the testing phase of this with Ingram Content Group. For those who might not know, they warehouse, print, and ship for Amazon. Odds are if you have ever bought a print book from Amazon, it came from them (and they are one of our Investors).
  • We are also testing the Whitepaper to print it. We call this foreshadowing.
  • Last week, we introduced the new book reservation system following the launch of the updated bookstore.
  • After the inaugural mint through the system last week, we’ve implemented some enhancements based on valuable feedback.
  • We were happy to see all reservations were swiftly made and minting commenced promptly.
  • Our feature on the cover of Publishers Weekly, the largest magazine in the publishing industry, went live last week. You can see the creative here.
  • Along with the book reservation system, we have been making some more tweaks to the bookstore — we also spent a good amount of time detailing additional phases and updates that will be coming.
  • The first mobile app update is scheduled for submission to both iOS and the Google Play stores in mid-January, promising a significantly improved mobile reading experience.
  • Year-end financial closing activities are in progress for a swift wrap-up of the fiscal year.
  • Exploring intriguing cross-chain bridges for potential developments — stay tuned for more details.
  • Ongoing meetings with CEX (Centralized Exchange) as part of our regular agenda.
  • We’re developing tools to increase the frequency of book releases, a crucial aspect of the indie author portal.
  • Josh and Ben will be headed to NYC in early January. Josh will be speaking at the NYU Advanced Publishing Institute and we have a lot of exciting publisher meetings lined up.

Minting Thursday!
The Mark of Zorro- Minting on Poly, Eth, and Cardano

Wishing you a wonderful holiday weekend filled with joy, surrounded by friends and loved ones. We assure you that we’ll take a brief break, but our minds might be thinking about building the future of books.

Cheers! Team

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