Chapter 5 (2022.07.10)

This week has truly been a whirlwind. We dropped a demo on Thursday and ever since then things have been a blur of Twitter comments & DMs, “wen token?!”, and preparation for our first Book NFT drop. Lots of worried questions from the community about when they will get access to buy that first NFT Book.IF you are reading this, then you’ll get first access. I will also follow up this week with a calendar invite so you can be alerted. The sale will take place on July 20th, with only 10,000 NFT books with 10,000 unique covers. We will reveal the book we’ve chosen this week.

So it has been busy and exciting. Many of you are just now joining this email, so I wanted to give you some links if you want to dive in.

1. What is Book Token?: Watch the short video
2. Watch the Demo/ Josh explains roadmap and tech: 8 minute video
3. Dive Deeper with Learn Cardano: 53 minute video
4. Outsider’s Opinion w/ Late Game Crypto: 13 minute video
5. Learn about/ Stalk the team: Cardano Catalyst Proposal

Some bullet points from this last week:

  • Did multiple demo walkthroughs throughout the week with different teams of investors
  • Made a lot of changes to the public minting page
  • Tested a variety of different books
  • Rebuilt the DEA (Decentralized Encrypted Asset) maker such that it scales to any book size — the test book was over 400MB
  • Lots of UI updates as we add polish to the product
  • Did lots of CIP-30 wallet testing to ensure everything is working
  • More legal stuff of course — focused heavily on the final term sheet for large publishers which is a huge task because it is so radically different than the current licensing model to now have digital ownership
  • Testing multiple versions of the book we are going to release — can hardly wait to announce it this week
  • Rewrote the image generation software so we can really control extremely accurate properties/attributes
  • Got the final video trailer for the NFT Book — it’s super rad (to be revealed)
  • Somehow, someway, Josh planned a surprise birthday party for his wife’s 40th (it got crunk!)
  • Got fully decentralized Videos working in our media player
  • No one on the team slept much this week and we all worked through the weekend — but it’s going to be worth it!

We want to thank all of you for your support. So much opportunity ahead of us, and glad that we can share the excitement with you all.

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Ben Illian

Joshua Stone
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