Chapter 28 (2023.01.22)
2 min readJan 25, 2023

Hope everyone had a great weekend! A super busy week/weekend for the team as we get ready for our first multi-chain mint on Ethereum & Cardano. Updates

  • Part of the team was in NYC this week for Digital Book World. Josh had a great speech, and we met with several publishers at their offices. In all the time we’ve spent in digital publishing, these were the best meetings yet! A lot of excitement and terrific questions.
  • We have been allocating resources to the mobile app development and the upcoming ETH mint, so we only minted two new titles last week:
  • The third book in the Shakespeare Series, Othello. If you missed out on the mint, you could go get one on
  • Bestselling Author David Niall Wilson released Heart of a Dragon, and all books were reserved within a minute! Grab yourself one on
  • We made a couple of very big announcements as well:
  • As previously announced, the snapshot for the Adventure Series Airdrop is Feb. 1st (midnight UTC). The book that will be airdropped is The Three Musketeers. The airdrop is scheduled for Feb. 4th. Need to collect all the books in the series? You can get a list here.
  • The next book in the Shakespeare Series is Antony and Cleopatra, which will mint on Jan. 31st. Holders of all 4 Shakespeare titles will be airdropped Romeo and Juliet on Valentine’s Day. The snapshot for this airdrop will be on Feb. 10th (midnight UTC).
  • Also, the biggest newsAlice in Wonderland will mint on Cardano and Ethereum this Thursday, Jan. 26th. There will be 1000 books minted on each chain, with different covers and attributes for both. The mints will be staggered so you can participate in both.
  • The price on Ethereum is .1 ETH.
  • The price on Cardano is 450 ADA / 110 ADA for the #OGBookClub… If you don’t yet have a Gutenberg, go grab one here so you get your discount and also get access to the #OGBookClub Discord channel. (spoiler: best community in crypto).
  • And don’t miss out! We’re giving out .1 ETH to 10 lucky winners on Twitter!
  • Speaking of the best community, the #OGBookClub got together for a raffle, and over 6,500 ADA were donated to Ukrainian families displaced because of the war. Give me a second… just feeling a bit choked up…
  • We also crossed another milestone and just hit 17,000 Twitter followers. Does anyone want to guess what we’re doing to celebrate?
  • Finally, some great videos were released this week by Woodland Pools and Crypto Crow. Thanks, guys!

Honestly, everything is going pretty fantastic. We’re working super hard, but the office is still filled with laughter and questionable jokes. Gonna be a huge week! Be ready for the mints on Thursday.

Sincerely… thank you for your support.

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