Chapter 27 (2023.01.16)
2 min readJan 25, 2023

Sorry that this week’s email is a bit late. Josh, Ben, and Jason are in NYC attending Digital Book World. Lots of great conversations happening, and we’ll be running around Manhattan tomorrow, meeting with some of the largest publishers in the world. Updates

  • First, wanted to give a huge shout to the community for organically rallying together to sell raffle tickets to raise money for Ukrainian Refugees… Incredible! We are absolutely blown away. You guys rock! If you haven’t got in on the raffle, you can do so over here.
  • Last week was awesome with two drops:
  • The second book in the Shakespeare Series, Macbeth, sold out fast! If you missed it and you want to prepare for your set for a future airdrop… you can buy it here.
  • We did our first scheduled Saturday mint of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Honestly, the demand was higher than we thought, and the book sold out fast! If you want to buy one, you can find one on Jpg.Store.
  • We just announced that there will be a snapshot and an airdrop in the Adventure Series. This does NOT mean that the Adventure Series is over. But if you want in on the airdrop, you’ll need to prepare your sets. You can read more details here.
  • This week we have some great titles coming up:
  • On Wednesday, USA Today Bestselling Author David Niall Wilson will release his book, Heart of a Dragon. We are super excited about another author’s title. There are only 1000 units, so be ready to go at the mint time. More details on the mint are here.
  • The third book in the Shakespeare series, Othello, will mint on Thursday. Again, the Shakespeare Series has been minting extremely fast. We will release all details about the mint on Twitter,so make sure to follow us if you haven’t done so.
  • As you might have noticed, we released some updates to Parlamint last week and made the process a bit smoother. We will continue to improve the minting process as we grow.
  • The mobile apps are just about ready to release, we are just making sure everything is thoroughly tested out.
  • Next week, on Thursday, January 26th, as you might have heard, is the Alice in Wonderland mint which will be our first release jointly on Cardano and on Ethereum. If you don’t already have some ETH, just a heads up to grab some and be prepared for this historic drop. MetaMask will work great with Parlamint. If you missed Josh and Ben’s Twitter Space on going multi-chain, you can listen to it here.

It’s a busy week for us, as always, but watching the community grow and self-organize around books for social impact has us all motivated — and publishers in New York asking great questions.

As always… we truly appreciate your support.

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