Chapter 25 (2022.12.18)
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As we roll into the holiday season, the team is feeling grateful. So grateful, in fact, that we wanted to give back. In case you missed it, we’re giving away 50,000 ADA worth of books! Not only that, but the community stepped it up! They’ve donated more than 125 books for our giveaways! Make sure to follow us on Discord and Twitter to participate in the giveaways, and good luck! Updates

  • This week has also been kind of rough because multiple team members went down with a virus. While it has suspended some in-person meetings, we are still building the future of books. We sincerely hope you and your loved ones are staying healthy!
  • Last week we had some excellent books drop:
  • The Invoker by Jon F. Merz — The rarest books still available are #0000, #0002, #0004, and there are only 564 left in inventory. Remember, you must hold both of Jon’s books (The Invoker & The Fixer), to be entered into his epic giveaway. All details from Jon here.
  • Cry Havoc by James P Sumner — this is the first book that premiered on (super exciting) and #0001 — #0005 are all still available to be minted. (Mint here!)
  • Finally, we released Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. It went really fast, so if you missed it, you could always get on on JPG.Store.
  • Check out this awesome video featuring Author Lars Emmerich talking about his experience with
  • BE SURE to get your books in the right wallet for the Dickens-in-December Giveaway of A Christmas Carol, details:
  • For each collection of Oliver Twist, A Tale Of Two Cities, and Great Expectations you hold, you’ll be airdropped A Christmas Carol. There are no wallet limits. Snapshot will take place on December 21st, and the books will be airdropped on December 24th.
  • Also super important: In order to receive Plato’s Republic you will need to have The Iliad and The Odyssey in the same wallet. Again, there are no wallet limits. If you have 3 collections, you will receive 3 books. This snapshot will also take place on December 21st, and the books will be airdropped on December 24th.
  • Upcoming Mints this Week!
  • Tomorrow we have more history to grab! Our first publisher title from Open Road Media! To the Vanishing Point, from legendary sci-fi writer Alan Dean Foster will mint Monday! Alan Dean Foster was the ghostwriter of the original novelization of Star Wars! He also worked on novelizations for Transformers, the first 3 Alien Films, and the story for the first Star Trek film. He has written more than 120 Books! Mint details are below!
  • Tuesday- One of the most anticipated mints: The Count of Monte Cristo! This will be the 4th book of our Adventure Series if you missed the announcement.
  • Great progress on mobile apps, we are provisioned on both iOS and Android now and continuing to test!
  • Also, probably nothing, but we did secure… ya know… for our other stuff! More on that later…

To the Vanishing Point

By: Alan Dean Foster
Total volume: 1511, 143 Unique Covers
Sales Starts: Dec. 19th, 10:00 PM UTC
Price: 49/ 39 ADA #OGBookClub
Mint Limit: 10
Note: 70 1:1 covers

As always, thanks for the support! Hope you win some of great giveaways this week!

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