Chapter 23 (2022.12.04)
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First of all, sorry that we didn’t have an email update last week. With Thanksgiving, traveling, and a virus that whipped me silly, we decided to skip a week. But we’re back at it with a full minting schedule this week and a lot of exciting updates. Updates

  • Last Monday, we minted The Odyssey, and it went really fast. All 5,069 books were reserved in about 2.5 minutes! If you missed out, you can always get a book on the secondary market.
  • As you may know, if you hold both The Iliad and The Odyssey, you’re going to get airdropped Plato’s Republic for free! Right now, the plan is to do the snapshot for the airdrop on December 21st, with the Plato’s Republic being airdropped on December 24th.
  • On Thursday, Don Quixote went on sale, and it sold out quickly. This book was one of the most requested titles, so if you missed out, head over to to pick out your favorite.
  • Thursday, Josh and I jumped on a Twitter Space to do a bit of an AMA. Check it out if you missed it. We cover topics ranging from the $BOOK Token, licensing and publishing rights, and where we think the future of Decentralized Encrypted Assets will take us.
  • On Friday, we launched the title #DIY by Joan Westenberg. The title sold over 400 units in the first hour. Still some books left, so if you want to learn more you can read the details and get yourself a book.
  • We also passed 13K followers on Twitter. Jason wanted to have an icecream social, but we denied his request and celebrated accordingly.
  • This week, we have a busy — and exciting — book release schedule:
  • Monday we’re dropping Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens. This kicks off our Dickens in December Series! This month, we will be dropping Oliver Twist, A Tale of Two Cities, and Great Expectations. If you hold all three titles, you’ll be airdropped A Christmas Carol on Christmas Eve, December 24th.
  • On Tuesday, we’ll be working with bestselling author Joseph Nassise again! Don’t miss out on Book 2, A Scream of Angels, in the Templar Chronicles series. Joe has already been teasing the amazing art on Twitter. And big news! Joe has decided if you hold book 1, The Heretic, and A Scream of Angels, you’ll get airdropped book 3 for free!
  • On Wednesday, we’re gonna be hanging out with some ninjas — ADA NinjaZ! This project has been a prolific creator on Cardano, and we’re excited to be bringing their light novel, The Blacksmith Origin,to your bookshelf!
  • Thursday we’re back with more Dickens and we’ll be releasing A Tale of Two Cities.
  • We’ve been busy developing the ability to go multichain, as well as building for a better reading experience. Mobile Apps are projected to go live in mid-January, with iOS dropping first then followed up with the Android app.
  • We made fantastic strides this week toward our goal of accepting credit cards. We’ll keep you updated as this moves forward, but it’s a crucial ingredient in bringing to the masses.
  • We also bought another domain this week. Decentralized Encrypted Assets (DEAs) have so much potential for content like audio and video, so the new domain will be the place we put all this other stuff. We’ll announce the domain name sometime this month.
  • The team is frantically trying to figure out white elephant gifts because our Christmas party is on Saturday.
  • We have new team members starting this week, and we extended our office space so we could get some more elbow room.

Oliver Twist

Total Volume: 2005, 183 Unique Covers
Sale Starts: Dec. 5th, 10PM UTC
Price: 59 ADA/ 49 ADA #OGBookClub
Mint Limit: 5
Note: 90 Covers are 1:1

As always, thanks for the support! We have a busy month, and we’re excited about all the books, announcements, and development this month.

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