Chapter 22 (2022.11.20)
2 min readJan 25, 2023

Another week where it feels like we just sent an update, and somehow a month has passed too. We hope that you’re doing great! Let’s get to it….

Updates from last week:

  • Had three great book launches this week:
  • The Island of Dr. Moreau sold out the minute it dropped. If you missed out, you can grab one on
  • The Attack on Vitalik by bajuzki studios — the 3rd issue of their series and the first ever comic book on A little less than 500 left if you want to mint one.
  • Iliad by Homer- the 1st part of the epic saga sold out of 4,928 books in record time, with incredible artwork featuring different gods and goddesses. If you missed out, get one here.
  • Had a surprise guest visit the office… and it’s true… this Buddha is a happy one.
  • It’s so amazing to see the audience growing, and it seems like each book that gets dropped takes off and charts on JPG.Store.
  • We have some great releases planned for this week:
  • We have been hard at work over the weekend to drop Treasure Island on Monday. The art is amazing and such a classic novel by Robert Lewis Stevenson (Did you know he also wrote The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.. interesting, right?). More details on the mint below!
  • USA Today Best Selling Author Lars Emmerich will debut on this Tuesday with The Incident, the first book in a series. I just got a glance at this artwork, and it’s amazing!
  • On Wednesday, we are dropping The Odyssey by Homer to complete the Epic Saga. If you didn’t read why you want to collect them both be sure to check out what you will get airdropped.
  • We decided to take a couple of days off after these releases to enjoy Thanksgiving with families. But will be back at it dropping some really awesome releases for the end of November.
  • Made some huge progress on mobile app development.
  • Tested out some big enhancements coming to the online eReader.
  • Working on the preliminary stages of our own marketplace (lots more to come there).
  • We also just passed 12K Twitter followers, and I talked to the team about how we’re gonna celebrate…
  • Finally, working on our office expansion because we will have some new team members starting in December. Super excited to grow the team and we’re still hiring.

Treasure Island
Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
Total Volume: 2407, 179 Unique Covers
Sale Starts: Nov. 21st, 10PM UTC
Price: 59 ADA / 49 ADA OG’s
Mint Limit: 5
NOTE: 77 Covers are 1:1

As always, thank you for your support. We hope you have an amazing week!

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