Chapter 21 (2022.11.13)
3 min readJan 25, 2023


Wow! What a week in crypto! It was definitely one of the more painful weeks in the cryptoverse. Thankfully, we weren’t over leveraging our books, and then borrowing against our library…sorry, that was a joke.

Seriously, we know it was a stressful week for basically everyone who reads this email. Ultimately though, we are still very excited and encouraged by everyone’s support and knowing that we are on the true path to mass adoption.Real-world utility goes WAY beyond the crypto bubble and will work for over a billion readers.

This week was actually encouraging to us. We have the opportunity to build in what is basically one of the worst crypto-winters ever, and our books continue to mint and appreciate in value on the secondary market.

Thank you for seeing the value as we move from just images to actual digital assets on-chain, and the seismic impact it will have on the world in the coming years.

Updates from last week:

  • This week started with some meetings with new staff in the office.
  • We also had a couple of fun giveaways:
  • We “gave away the CEO” with some great artwork that @ZoomZoomVan did — Congrats to @Sean_Healey_.
  • Also did a big giveaway of Gutenberg Bible #6220 — Congrats to @KyprosV!
  • Oh, and we had a member of the #OGBookClub step up and prove the Community is the best. @JDPostnikoff is giving away a Gutenberg too! You can enter here! Thanks, JP!
  • We didn’t mint anything this week — but it’s going to pay off.
  • We were able to outline all the priorities and roadmap, along with a solid book release schedule for upcoming mints.
  • We made massive infrastructure updates to how we pre-mint books. These updates will enable us to scale up and allow us to release titles more efficiently.
  • We made big progress on Android and iOS apps.
  • The team had numerous calls with different publishers from around the world… there are some things we are talking with different groups about that will be absolutely huge!
  • We had a few potential partnership discussions with other companies and projects that are very interesting.
  • Worked on updates to the eReader dApp that will go out soon.
  • We architected a more cohesive flow-of-funds for publishers that will help tremendously from a regulatory perspective.
  • We tested and are working on some Auctioning prototype concepts for reselling books.
  • Made some developments on future multi-chain expansion.
  • is moving forward with some new outsourcing teams on a couple of projects that will be announced once they are underway.
  • We are going to be expanding our office space. The suite next to us is opening up, so we are taking over that space which will help us grow.
  • Coming up this next week we will launch:
  • Tuesday: The Island of Dr. Moreau, only 1628 books, and there will be 88 unique 1-of-1 covers.
  • Wednesday: The Attack on Vitalik , 3rd Issue by bajuzki studios. 2000 unique covers and our first comic! More details to come tomorrow on Twitter & Discord.
  • Thursday: The Iliad. More details to come this week on Twitter and Discord.

As always, thank you for your support. We’re working hard on building the future of books, and we’re grateful to have you on this journey with us.

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