Chapter 2 (2022.06.17)
2 min readJan 25, 2023

Like most projects, the bear market has been scratching and clawing at us. We’ve reacted like typical start-up entrepreneurs, and continue to BUIDL no matter what. Whether the market goes up or down, it doesn’t change the fact that we still believe we should own our digital books, and our efforts are really beginning to pay off. We’ve been making steps forward — on the technical, business, and legal front — to get this dream to reality. Below, are some bullets of the things we’ve been tackling over the last week.

This week:

  • Reviewed the first-ever code-based working version of actual NFT eBooks!!
  • Styled Passbase KYC integration and deployed to non-prod cluster
  • Using NFT Gating functionality for the Web Reader
  • Creating assets to test image generation software
  • Working on the BookShelf/Library page that will list all the books in your connected wallet
  • Created rapid prototype for MVP — Allows users to Open Book/Read, View Details, Send, and List for Sale
  • Connected with the off-shore legal council (law firm number 5 that we employ)
  • Pitched to one of the Big 5 publishers for two specific very well-known series for NFT solutions, moving to the next steps with them
  • Hired Claire (she’s super rad) who will specifically focus on Publisher Relations / Biz Dev
  • Missed our $BOOK token’s 1-year birthday party (June 2nd) — oops
  • Kicked off Illustrator call for submissions for Book Cover development
  • In conversations with several large Cardano projects about potential partnerships
  • New video scripts still in development
  • Setting up meetings with Publishers to walk them through the MVP and demo
  • Building Publisher FAQs to help with on-boarding
  • Discussing Catalyst Fund 9 opportunity
  • Josh’s personal best Rubik’s cube time, 84 seconds
  • Little Orphan Annie debuts starring Ben’s 8yr daughter as Annie
  • RJ has his bees sip sippin’ on that infused syrup

I wish I could share the excitement of the publisher meetings, the product meetings, and all the fun the Book Token team is having. Special thanks to everyone who continues to support us and shares about our project on social channels.

Oh… and to answer our most frequent question: “Wen Token?!” We are taking the proper steps with our legal team to ensure our Token Crowdsale launches correctly. Yes, we want to be quick, but much like Cardano, we’d rather do it right. Thanks for your patience!

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Have a great weekend!

Ben Illian

Joshua Stone
CEO & Cofounder


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